A new short film
Rescuing a mysterious hitchhiker, injured on a desolated road, Richard stumbles upon the supernatural, when confronted by the true nature of his enigmatic passenger.
It's been a while, but I'm finally doing a personal project again. I've written a four minute short film that I'm going to direct. 
Directing is something I've been doing on and off during my career. My focus has mainly been within the camera department, where I started out briefly as a 1st AC, quickly moved on to becoming a Camera Operator (I was much better at that) and eventually doing various DP projects. And I've been fortunate to have done this over sixty countries (and counting).
That said, directing (and writing) has always been a passion of mine when it came to filmmaking. As a student for example, nine times out of ten I would be writing and directing. These days, that's been long over due. Time for a little change!
So, I have been writing two screenplays for short films during summer. The first short I want to make is called Get in. See the logline above to get a sense of what's it about. The second short? I'm keeping that one under wraps a little longer: It's simply not done. I thought I had it, but soon realised that there's more to the story and I want to find out what that is, first. 
Last but not least, I've also been offered a screenplay for another short film, written by Tina Balli. Yes, I want to do direct more fiction and want to focus more on writing and directing. But I also want to be able to direct someone else's written work. I think both are equally fun and equally important.
Get in will be in pre-production in October, in collaboration with 2-inch Media. Susan Brakels is producing and Willem Tiemersma is set as the Director of Photography. More information will follow as soon as possible.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Track the project on IMDb.
P.s. the 'poster' image above is just a placeholder for now.

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