A short film script, going in development in September/October 2023
Rescuing a mysterious hitchhiker, injured on a desolated road, Richard stumbles upon the supernatural, when confronted by the true nature of his enigmatic passenger.
Directing is something I've slowly moved towards and away from during my career. My focus has mainly been the camera department (CamOp/DP work), but directing (and screenwriting) is something I enjoy immensely. 
For this reason, I have been writing two screenplays for short films over the summer holiday. In this blog post, I'd like to share with you one of those short film screenplays. This one is called Get in. It can be read by clicking the button above.
I've also been gifted another script for a short film, written by somebody else. Since I want to do direct more fiction, I want to focus on writing and directing, but also on directing someone else's written work.
Get in will be in pre-production by mid September or in October.
Some notes
• The above 'poster' is just a placeholder for now.
• The script itself is still a 1st draft and will be re-written as the process goes along with it.
• I've written it with a specific British (well known) actor in mind that I know personally.
• This is why the dialogue is British English and not American English. ​​​​​​​

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