Jaap Ruurd Feitsma is an award winning freelance artist who specialises in visual storytelling. With a background in both multimedia and film studies, he works under the name of Feitsma Visuals and is available for directing, camera operating, cinematography, photography and Virtual Reality projects. He has experience in a variety of productions, such as documentaries, music videos and TV/online commercials, interactive web based content and narrative fiction. These are often told through various forms of Transmedia storytelling and World Building methods and techniques. Wether this is for a certain brand, company or specific story, he considers the choices made on (hypo)diegetic levels of the utmost importance. 

He has filmed, photographed and directed for an extensive list of clients including the BBC, Subaru, Red Bull, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, various NGO's and many more. 

Besides the above mentioned (production) services, Jaap is frequently asked to create concepts and to help out brands and companies as a consultant. While doing this, he always keeps in mind the target audiences, the story and the creative elements, the marketing strategies and last but not least: the end product(s). What should it look & feel like? What kind of experience and emotions should the viewer take with them afterwards? Every piece of the puzzle —created from that general idea in the beginning, right up to the end of the finishing touches in post-production— are equally important. The final product(s) should reach viewers on a certain emotional level, throughout a multiple of platforms, reaching different audiences in ways only the chosen mediums can achieve (e.g., film, photography, VR). 

With interests in cultural diversity, history, journalism, anthropology, nature, Transmedia, world building and branding, Jaap's work has taken him around the world to over forty-five countries and counting. Working with different cultures, on different locations under ever changing circumstances —from luxury resorts to the off-the-beaten-track outdoors in extreme weather conditions— has brought Jaap new experiences that helped him fulfil his passion for telling stories visually.