Doorgaan / Pursue
Director: Johanneke Dijkstra
Production: JONNA
Role: Cinematographer
DOORGAAN (Dutch for 'to pursue') is a poignant, intense documentary about strength and survival. What do you do when life knocks you out? Will you stay down? Or do you get up? And do you run away or do you hit back?
In the documentary you can see the special relationship between Piet and Farshid. Piet Rozendaal grew up in the Boterhoek of Leeuwarden; the red light district of poverty. The Prinsentuin was the first boxing ring where he fought. Neighborhood against neighbourhood. You were both each other's enemy and each other's friend, a value that Piet later found in boxing. During the filming of the documentary, Farshid Bos becomes Dutch Champion in his class, not without a struggle.

NPO - Nieuwe Ogen 'Nij Eagen'
Beste short documentary - Noordelijk Filmfestival
Beste short film - Internationaal Filmfestival

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