Drone DP: Wander Andringa
Colorist & co-editor: Willem Tiemersma
Production: 2-inch Media
Client: Lund University & Provincie Fryslân​​
Role: writer, director, camop, editor​​​​​ & sound designer

Lines to the Landscape is a short ‘expedition film’, created for the University of Lund, Sweden, in collaboration with Provincie Fryslân​​​​​​​, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally, agricultural architect students from the university would have visited The Netherlands for the real expedition, but due to the corona-virus this was not possible. 

Alex van de Beld, architect and lecturer, asked me to create this film, and I involved 2-inch media for the production.

The idea was for the students to start a journey from the city of Leeuwarden and travel up north where they’d eventually reach the Wadden Sea. Along the way, they were to observe the changing landscape, moving from inside the city, to the edge of the city (Leeuwarder Bos —landscaped nature—) and from there the journey goes on to the meadows, shrinkage villages, the terps and eventually towards the dike and the sea. 

The short film now shows this journey instead, and the students will get an assignment after watching it. They are to come up with several sustainable solutions within the in part problematic area for all flora and fauna.

This film was for internal use for the university of Lund, but also functioned as sort of a pilot for a longer, upcoming documentary of approximately 45 minutes.

For the gear-heads; we extensively tested out the new BlackMagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K camera for this film. 
It worked like a beast under some extreme weather conditions :) 

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