The Right One - Short film

Production: Viddys
Director: Alex Karakhanian 
Role: Director of Photography

When Alex asked Jaap if he wanted to shoot his first short film for him, he gladly helped him out. It was shot in less than 20 minutes on an actual bus ride. Beforehand, Jaap checked the best part of the day in accordance to the bus route to decide when the best moment would be to film it, mainly in terms of light. It was shot using natural light only, with a simple 5DM3. 
Above: The first two images are stills from the final version of the short film. The second two images are from the initial look & feel that happened to change along the way. Personally, as DP, I was rooting for something more like the second set of images —albeit a bit less 'purple-ish' I graded this in less than a minute at the busstation as a quick test— instead of the final look & feel we have now. I am also not a fan of too much noise reduction over the images, something you can clearly see being used in the first two screenshots above. In my humble opinion, this simply lacks a natural feel. 

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