Jaap is available as Director of Photography, Director, Photographer & VR creative with experience in a variety of productions such as documentaries, music videos and TV commercials, interactive web based content and narrative fiction. 

Rates are dependent on the type of job. Please contact our office for a quotation.
Directing both the artistic and dramatic aspects of each project, (pre-)visualising the script and collaboration with key people to create the desired 'look & feel' for a project and guiding the cast and technical crew in the fulfilment of that vision, all within the available budget and planning.

As Director of Photography, Jaap uses the art & craft of camerawork and lighting in film; creating the visual compositions, camera movements and use of light (and shadow) to tell the story visually, while also directing the camera department and G&E departments and working closely with the director and the production designer/art director to create the desired look & feel of the project.

Virtual Reality
As Virtual Reality (VR) creative, Jaap focusses on the concept development/script to directing and sometimes camera operating for VR projects. Post-Production services, including the stitching of the images, the editing and the color grading can be included. For most VR jobs, Jaap works closely with a range of world renowned VR companies around the world, to deliver the best possible results. 

Within the methodology of photography, Jaap focusses on shooting documentary oriented photography projects and photo journalistic essays. These are generally (visual) stories entailing a wide range of societal importance, often connecting the human element and condition to their (natural) environments.

Full production
Do you have a project that needs realisation? Feitsma Visuals can do that for you. Filmmaking is teamwork and Jaap works with a trusted team of international professionals, making no project too big or too small. Just get in touch to discuss it.
Jaap can be hired for a variety of educational work as well, such as filmmaking workshops, guest lectures and talks and even private tutoring, anywhere in the world. Feel free to contact our office to check for availability for any of the following services;

Jaap offers workshops on directing & cinematography. Students will create short films in a short period of time while he coaches them throughout each production phase.

Guest lectures & talks
Giving guest lectures and talks about working as an international cameraman. Topics include, but are not limited to; the travelling, the logistics, the lack of sleep, how to stay professional, how to stay healthy (and sane), how to do the actual job on location, dealing with cultural diversities abroad and much more.

Private tutoring
Filmmaking 101. Private tutoring can be created for all your personal 'want to know's' in filmmaking. E.g. focusing on directing and the cinematography and how to edit your own work.

You can also hire Jaap as a consultant on your project or your company.