upcoming projects

An online/TV commercial for a Mobile Health company that created an App to help assist patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes. 
The TV commercial will be thirty seconds in length, while the online version will tell the 'whole' story in a three minute version.

Title:                    Together we Stand
Client:                  mHealth 24/7
Director:              Jaap Ruurd Feitsma
DoP:                     Ids Aalbers
Sound design:     Linze Valk
Running time:     30 seconds and 3 minutes
Aspect ratio:        1.78:1
Stage:                   Pre-production

H E A L tells the story of a young man who is suffering from chronic Lyme disease and about how he and his healthy girlfriend are dealing with the situation. A new dilemma occurs when the young woman needs to choose between the love of her life and her lifelong dream job.
Although this is firstly a story about the love between a healthy woman and her sick boyfriend and their devotion for each other, it is also the story of a young man who —being bed bound while suffering from immens chronic nerve pains and fatigues on a daily basis, due to an unacknowledged disease— tries to live his life with as much sense of fulfilment in it as possible.
Title:                    H E A L
Genre:                 Drama
Director:              Jaap Ruurd Feitsma
DoP:                     Geoff Boyle, NSC
Running time:     25 minutes
Aspect ratio:       1.85:1
Stage:                  In development

We are placed in ‘a' Friesland (a province in the north of the Netherlands) during an undetermined time, but before the first railroads were built in the area. It is here where we follow the absurd, dark and untold stories of (1) a criminal hiding and trying to get away in a horse carriage that transports the deceased, (2) an African slave who got terribly lost when he miraculously escaped, (3) a group of corrupt police officers, (4) a rich couple traveling from Amsterdam to leeuwarden. And (5) a mysterious American who is out of place and out of time and does not speak, but is clearly on a mission. And on foot. But to where? And how are all these people connected to each other, without them even knowing it?

Title:                    An Untold Story (working title)
Genre:                 Dark/Western
Director:              Jaap Ruurd Feitsma
Running time:     120 minutes
Aspect ratio:       2.39:1
Stage:                  In development

When Sophia rents her new artist studio in a five-hundred year old former prison, she starts painting a young girl whom she can’t seem to remember painting afterwards. Soon after, she sees the girl everywhere. At first only in her dreams but then suddenly while she is wide awake. The real complications arise when she finds out the girl is real and died centuries ago. She starts digging up the past and with it, a whole lot more.

Title:                    Ofelia (working title)
Genre:                 Horror/thriller/mystery
Director:              Jaap Ruurd Feitsma
Running time:     90 minutes
Aspect ratio:       Undecided at this point in time
Stage:                  In development