An ongoing personal body of work that Jaap has shot in between film projects in the city of Istanbul, that was also known (among many other names) as Byzantium, Constantinople and the 'Crossroads of the World'.​​​​​​​

"My first visit to Istanbul was in 2005. After that first visit, I fell in love with the city. I came back a few years later and stayed for a year and a half in the metropol where old meets new and east meets west. I lived and worked there on film productions and did various photography projects. When it was time to leave, I came back at least twice a year. The metropol has this ancient, eternal vibe that —once it has grown on you— will never let you go. You can not, not return to Istanbul. The city, and Turkey in general, became a second home to me. Today, with the country's current politics, Islamisation, strifes and demonstrations, this photographic essay represents the Istanbul I came to know and love."

— Jaap Ruurd Feitsma

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