The Cinematography Mailing List (CML) was founded by DoP Geoff Boyle, NSC in 1996 with 60 other professional cinematographers. It was brought to life as a place for cinematographers worldwide to discuss their art and craft, problems, ask questions and to inspire each other. 

When I asked Geoff to do a masterclass about cinematography at the Northern Film Festival that took place in November 2018, we also saved some time to explain what CML is. I thought it would be interesting to share a brief article about it as well. 

As "Guardians of the Image" (as Geoff poetically and rightfully describes what part of the job of being a cinematographer is), CML is the place to be for aspiring and professional cinematographers alike. It is a place to learn from each other and to discuss international topics in cinematography. A place to ask questions and to grow as a person and in your work. There even is a 'mentor' section for aspiring cinematographers as well. Amongst many other things, it also contains a database of hundreds of camera tests from the year 2000 up till now. Geoff does most of these tests himself and shares it openly, unbiased and open for everyone on CML's website. 

What really fascinates me, is that CML started out in 1996, not exactly a day and age where 'forums' (though technically CML is not really a forum) were a big thing. In fact, forums were probably nearly non existent. All the information from those years up till now can still be found. It is an amazing database of both the technical and artistic sides of cinematography. Over the years, CML grew bigger and bigger, and it now has over 12000 members worldwide. 

So, if you are serious about your work as an (aspiring) cinematographer, I suggest you subscribe today (if you haven't already) and join the discussions over there whenever you can. Before you do, however, I would like to suggest for you to read the 'Information about CML' page. It has useful information about what CML is and where and how to start using it, based on what it is you do exactly and how much experience you have. 

Best of luck. Be inspired and learn new things, join the discussions and hopefully see you there. 

And last but not least: happy shooting! Always. 🙂🎥 

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