The Beck's Label - VR livestream

Production: yellowBird
Client: Beck's
Role: Director & VR DoP

BECKS is the world’s best selling German beer that is sold in nearly 90 countries.

The beer brand continues the tradition of giving an artistic stage to independent thinking. Five international artists and musicians were invited to present their creative ideas on a unique new screen: the Beck’s label. To celebrate the end of this 1st edition BECKS organized an exclusive music party for 1500 BECKS lovers. A party with a mix of upcoming & famous artists (Bloc party, C2C & Kid Simius) held in a very innovative venue, the Berlin E-Werks.

They wanted to create an online immersive VIP experience to all their brand ambassadors that could not be there. 

yellowBird challenged the brief and wanted to enrich the format of the Art Label celebration party. We came up with the idea of an interactive video tour that gives you an overview of the festival. All online visitors were able to get a VIP 360º front row access ticket to this exclusive party.
Besides this we agreed that every artist should get his own 360º VOD to share with their fans. Online visitors be able to like, share & review their experience with friends and become a real BECKS ambassador. The party was not just recorded to watch later, but we also created a VR livestream of the entire party, using multiple cameras throughout the location. The video you see here, is a short compilation video of the event.

Note: Please note that the Vimeo player does not allow 360 degree playback (yet). 

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